Sunday, June 14, 2009

Katie's BDay and the California Cousins

The California Cousins and their moms went to Colorado to see Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Katie, Uncle Paul, Kaleb, Keeley, Aunt Karyl, Uncle Matt, James, Jayden, Levi, and for the very first time, Lex.

Jen, Jen, Michaela and Ian went out to Colorado to visit on Aunt Katie's birthday. (Jim will point out that it was his birthday, too!)

Grandpa had a really tough week last week, but this week, he's doing really well. Maybe the threat of so much activity scared his illness right out of him! Whatever the reason, we were happy to spend so much time together.

We took LLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTSSSSS of family pictures. We did it two years ago, but couldn't get the big boys to cooperate last year, and let it go. This year we did it again. There is some question about whether some prankster has moved Grandma and Grandpa's wagon wheels closer together because it was like trying to squeeze into a log jammer ride. So, while we all falsely claim to be taller, tanner, and thinner than the pictures show, we truly are pulling off a feat: smiling while our relatives sit on our feet and rest their elbows between our ribs! We'll have to wait to post those until Karyl gets them loaded. For now, here are all of the cousins.

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