Friday, May 29, 2009

Don and Phu

Don and Phu came out to visit today. They came for a quick visit with Grandpa, then came back for another visit with Grandma and Grandpa in the evening. They came a long way for a visit and Grandma and Grandpa were happy to see them.

Last Day of Radiation

Saturday is Grandpa Grover's last day of radiation. Grandma Linda will take him for his last radiation appointment. Se's going to see if she can get in to see the machine like Aunt Karyl and Aunt Jen did.

While they are off at the hospital, Aunt Karyl, Aunt Katie, Uncle Chris, Ryan, and Jim will be working on the garage sale.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Feelin' Pukey

Grandpa isn't feeling good. He's been feeling sick to his stomach. Even with the Zofran, he's still up a lot through the night.

Grandma Linda is home today, as she always is on Thursdays. Unfortunately, the radiation machine at Swedish Hospital is still broken, so Grandma will have to take him all the way to Denver. Jim took him there yesterday and says it's not too bad a drive. On the way home, Grandma and Grandpa will go to Swedish for chemo.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Aunt Karyl, Levi, and Lex usually take Grandpa Grover to radiation. Aunt Jen came out to visit so she went along so that she and Aunt Karyl could walk Grandpa from the van to the doctor's office. Levi and the big boys stayed home this time, so it was Aunt Karyl, Lex, Aunt Jen, and Grandpa Grover.

Since everyone was helping Grandpa down to the treatment area, Lois the nurse asked if everyone would like to see the machine. Good mommy that she is, Aunt Karyl had a camera in her purse. Grandpa had a mask made that fits his face perfectly. The mask goes over his face and snaps to the table so that his head won't move in any direction. The mask is labeled with Xs and the radiation tech lines up the lasers so that they intersect in the right spot on the mask. Then she turns on the machine. At this point, everyone leaves Grandpa Grover in the room. In the control room, there are monitors that show Grandpa Grover from different angles, as well as all of the information regarding the machines and the lasers.

Hopefully we'll be able to add pics tomorrow.

Grandpa is Home

Grandpa Grover is back home now. His medical team doesn't want him home alone until he gets stronger, so they are sending a physical therapist to the house to help him strengthen his chicken legs. Aunt Jen and Aunt Karyl had to go buy him smaller pants because his old ones don't fit anymore.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Grandpa Grover in the Hospital

Grandpa Grover hasn't had much strength, so he's been to Swedish Medical Center, where he gets his cancer treatments. Aunt Jen has come out to visit.

After a couple of nights with some irregular EKG's, Grandpa Grover is steady on his feet now, and we just heard, COMING HOME!!!

Unfortunately, he has missed Uncle Gar and Ty's visit while he was in the hospital, but they kept themselves busy at the house!

Aunt Jen was hoping to see Uncle Gar and Ty at the hospital, but they missed each other by just hours. :(

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Uncle Gar and Ty

Uncle Gar and Ty are visiting. They are finishing up some of Grandpa Grover's projects, trying to get the house ready to sell. The garage sale was postponed until next weekend, so there shouldn't be any distractions for them.

Keeley's Kindergarten Graduation

Grandpa Grover hasn't been feeling well this week. He's been tired and unable to eat much, but he didn't want to miss Keeley's graduation. Grandma Linda, Grandpa Grover, Aunt Karyl, Levi, Lex, Aunt Katie, Uncle Paul, and Kaleb were all there to see Keeley's big day.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day and Happy Birthday Keeley!

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there.

Today is also Keeley's 6th birthday. Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Paul, Aunt Katie, Kaleb, Keeley, Uncle Matt, Aunt Karyl, James, Jayden, Levi and Lex all went to Grandma and Grandpa's house for Keeley's birthday party.

When Aunt Katie asked Keeley what she wanted to do for her birthday, Keeley didn't hesitate. She wanted a pinata at Grandma and Grandpa's house. There were presents, cake, ice cream, party hats, blowers, and a pinata full of candy. It was a short party, but everyone had fun.

Getting Ready for the Garage Sale May 16

The realtor has been by to give advice on how to get the house ready to sale. Of course one of the first items on the to do list is to have a garage sale. It can be hard to know what to save and what to sell. It is especially hard without knowing how big the new house will be.

Uncle Gar and Ty are going to be in Colorado May 16 -20, just in time for the garage sale. Everyone is excited to have them.

The cumulative effects of the chemo and radiation are taking their toll on Grandpa Grover. He is feeling very run down and tired. This, in combination with the decreasing steroids and increasing morphine are making Grandpa sleep a lot.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Side Effects and House Hunting

Grandpa Grover has a lump on his arm. It turned out to be nothing dangerous, but a side effect from the steroids.

Grandpa is also feeling tired and has an upset stomach.

Still, he is excited to have started house hunting with Grandma Linda this weekend. They are looking for houses in Elizabeth. They saw a house that was very near Aunt Karyl and Uncle Matt's house. They are concerned, though, that Jayden or Levi (and Nelson the dog) might go on long, unattended walks. :)

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Grandpa Grover and Grandma Linda are putting the house on the market. They are hoping to move to Elizabeth. Grandpa doesn't want to spend the winter so far away from everything. After nearly 16 years in the house and shop, it is going to be a big move (and a big garage sale.)


Grandpa Grover is still having lots of headaches. They make him tired and grumpy. He feels best in the morning. He takes an afternoon nap (sometimes with Lex or Levi) and feels rested afterward. At night he takes medicine to help him sleep.

The steroids help with headaches, but the side effects are getting to be a problem. He's been on them for 2 months now, so it is time to decrease them more and start using more narcotics for pain management.