Friday, July 31, 2009

Another Meeting with Dr. M, the Neurosurgeon

Aunt Jen, Aunt Katie, Aunt Karyl and Lex went with Grandma and Grandpa to see Dr. M. Dr. M. had said that he may need to resect the newest growth. After not hearing from Dr. M., we called out the big guns: Dr. H. Dr. H. is wonderful. She lives in the same community as Aunt Katie and Aunt Karyl. She has grandkids who play sports with James and Kaleb. She takes very good care of Grandpa Grover. She explained to Dr. M., who is usually wonderful, that he blew it. We got in the next day for an appointment.

Aunt Katie wasn't feeling well, which was too bad for Aunt Katie, but provided a necessary break in nervous energy. Aunt Jen and Aunt Karyl thought it was pretty funny. :)

Dr. M. had conferred with Dr. A. and others and decided that a surgery wasn't the way to go. Dr. M. would have to take Grandpa off of his chemo meds for at least a month to prepare for his surgery. After surgery, it would be difficult for him to heal because of residual chemo meds in his system. He would have to wait at least another month after the surgery to start chemo again. Two months off of chemo is too long, so the surgery is off. The doctors agreed that had the tumor shown itself from the beginning, they would have done the surgery, but they haven't seen tumors show up this late in the game, during chemo, before.

Dr. M. told Grandpa Grover that they aren't giving up on him and that they will be as agressive as he can tolerate, as long as he can tolerate. He also told Grandpa not to waste a single day and that if there is anything he wants to do, he should do it. Good advice for all of us, I suppose.

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