Saturday, May 2, 2009


Grandpa Grover and Grandma Linda are putting the house on the market. They are hoping to move to Elizabeth. Grandpa doesn't want to spend the winter so far away from everything. After nearly 16 years in the house and shop, it is going to be a big move (and a big garage sale.)


  1. Good job Jen. I was out there last month after my trip to California. Grove is still himself, he even threw the TV clicker at me. Your mom has been strong and all you kids have been great. Please recognize Jim.he has been alot of help......Chris/Tracy

  2. PS = I stayed in the Harbor in Ventura near Uncle Gene's boat and we went to Santa Cruz island. I drove by my old house on Redwood and Grandma Exies on Helena Ct. Even looked at the fence where Grove and I shot Pepe Fosco with BB guns.