Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Aunt Karyl, Levi, and Lex usually take Grandpa Grover to radiation. Aunt Jen came out to visit so she went along so that she and Aunt Karyl could walk Grandpa from the van to the doctor's office. Levi and the big boys stayed home this time, so it was Aunt Karyl, Lex, Aunt Jen, and Grandpa Grover.

Since everyone was helping Grandpa down to the treatment area, Lois the nurse asked if everyone would like to see the machine. Good mommy that she is, Aunt Karyl had a camera in her purse. Grandpa had a mask made that fits his face perfectly. The mask goes over his face and snaps to the table so that his head won't move in any direction. The mask is labeled with Xs and the radiation tech lines up the lasers so that they intersect in the right spot on the mask. Then she turns on the machine. At this point, everyone leaves Grandpa Grover in the room. In the control room, there are monitors that show Grandpa Grover from different angles, as well as all of the information regarding the machines and the lasers.

Hopefully we'll be able to add pics tomorrow.

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